Faith Facts

A lot of people think there is a chasm between religion and science that can never be bridged.

Some people see the growing together of science and religion as physicists search for the essence of the Big Bang and the “God particle”. Others see this growing together stemming from discoveries made previously as outlined by Gary Zukav in his book The Dancing Wu Li Masters.

I think everyone has missed a fundamental point here. Religion is based on faith and science, they tell us, is based on anything but faith.

And that is where I differ.

Coming from an essentially scientific upbringing – Dad worked as a systems analyst for NASA – I understand scientific thinking. And, believe it or not, it is based on faith.

Certainly, they utilize numbers and facts to construct their predictive models but these work off theories they can never completely test for veracity.

Sagan and his friends assured us the Solar Syatem has been exactly as it is for millions of years.

And their proof for this statement? Theories and mathematics.

In other words, FAITH.

Every field of scientific endeavor has this same basis.

This is not to say that what they can see in the here and now is reduced to faith but the overall, overarching, Big Picture, is entirely faith-based.

There are many people who cannot convince themselves to belief in something they cannot touch with their five senses. Hence, they go the route of science.

Others can turn to faith.

But even a persons faith is not as blind as the scientific community might think. Each person bases their faith in something they have experienced… in other words by something they have sensed with one of those same five senses. Seeing a miracle, or an unexplained wonder, can create this faith in something more.

Science uses a similar technique, relying more on the physical senses – things that can be physically measured – rather than experiential sense.

But that was the premise of Zukav’s book, the observer influences the experiment. Physics becomes experiential.

Science and religion don’t have to wait to have a meeting, they are already the same. Twins from the same womb but each with a different personality.

Pythagoras searched numbers to find God; Newton did the same. Science has never been divorced from religion until the “modern age”.

When we develop a “science” that deals more with qualitative data rather than quantitative, we may approach religion even further.

And just imagine where it could take science!

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