This blog might be confusing to many. As I am speaking of the Almighty, many would think I am writing a religious blog, a Christian blog.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I do not think any one religion has a lock on salvation or the ear of the Almighty. I do not subscribe to any particular religion although I think all of them carry kernels of truth within them.

Everyone has a different view of the Almighty – most very similar to others within their own denomination, I am sure – but He cannot be confined by our interpretations.

As the Creator can be all things I am certain that He can speak to all people in whichever guise they require Him to appear. It does not mean that one image is the only true image of God. He can be anything, even a She.

In the Judeo-Christian religion, it works best to portray the Almighty as a male figure. Mechanically it would have been as easy for a female Almighty to cause Mary to conceive but – oh!! – the implications!

The Creator is actually sexless but you can conceive Him to be male or female. Or even neutral. He won’t mind.

[And I will continue to use “Him” and “He” and “God” etc as those are the terms the western world traditionally uses for the subject. It does not mean that I really think He is some old white-haired dude brandishing a thunderbolt.]

I would prefer not to even mention religion in this discussion, but that would be almost impossible.

After years of studying most religions, both through reading but as well as going to different churches and joining them, getting involved in the classes, the choirs, the ministry, and speaking with the parishioners at each and getting their thoughts on the subject, I have formed a view that is variant from most… and yet parallel to all others.

As God is all things to all people, the answer to what He is can change from person to person and yet all the answers are correct.

How can this be possible? I say how could it not?!

Each religion essentially thinks they have the correct view of the Creator and his plans for the world. But even Jesus said God is within you. You do not need a church to get to God or the Son or the Blessed Virgin. Anyone call talk directly to Him, no middle-men (or -women).

And all these diverse views are correct. How, you ask? Every person is on a different place in their growth and each has different needs. A variety of religions allows everyone to find the view they are most comfortable with. And so each is right for the person involved.

Is my view correct? For me, it is. For you, probably not. You may gain something from exposure to my views but I am not trying to “convert” anyone. My view is a product of all I have learned and experienced.

Your view and belief is a product of your own experience.

We should be able to tolerate one another with that understanding.

The history of religions may beg to differ.

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