Textual Confusion

My maternal grandfather was a Baptist minister and when I was young his answer to my questions on faith were to read the Bible. So I did.

After reading through the entire thing, I had even more questions about how this could have been used to make a religion.

He told me I must have missed something, read it again. So I read it again, even more carefully, and wound up with even more questions.

My confusion was over the personality or character of God. Why would He behave like a paranoid schizophrenic through most of the Old Testament and suddenly become this “God of Love” in the New Testament?

Were there two separate gods being referred to? I could easily see the O.T. and the N.T. each being the basis of a religion, but together? Just one?

They spoke of very similar things but were different enough that I could not understand how they melded the “God of Fear” and the “God of Love” into a single deity.

A Bible scholar told me they included the Old Testament because it told of the prophecies concerning the coming of the Messiah. These prophecies were mentioned in the New Testament to give credence to Jesus being that person. The O.T. gave added proof that Jesus was the Son of God.

As if the miracles and rising from the dead were not enough proof!

It still did not make much sense to me because of the opposite characterizations of the Almighty. I could not figure which god I was praying to.

I have since opted for the latter. There is enough fear in the world without the need for worshipping it.

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