Differences of Faith

One period of my life, I spent checking out the differing religions. It was not enough to read about the differences between Methodists and Lutherans, Presbyterians and Anglicans, I had to go and see for myself.

An interesting search it was. There were the rather obvious differences in their presentations but each had the same essential forms, whether the congregation remained seated or went down on their knees or stood and responded mechanically to the man at the altar. But what fascinated me was talking to the parishioners. In each church I found that the people had slight variations in their core beliefs. Barely noticeable within the confines of their denomination but many of their ideas leaned more toward another doctrine.

Had it only been that one study, I might have written it off as the byproduct of the oppressive heat in Phoenix that summer. Later I found similar thoughts in other places until I came to realize that we each have our own different approach to comprehension of the Almighty, our own “take” on the whole thing.

And those that think mostly along one similar line opt for one denomination or religion while others opt for another. I have found it to be true in all things.

Even though they embrace small differences, people can congregate together and worship the god of their choosing, which they each call God.

In the past, such slight differences would have brought a visit from the Inquisitors.

Today, the Church hierarchies are not so uptight. (Nor are they all controlled by one supreme leader anymore.) And we can each seek the god of our own interpretation within the denomination of our choice.

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