Images of the Almighty

God, the Creator, is often shown as a white-haired, bearded old man.

Then there is the old saying: “I have seen the face of God, and She’s black!”

Whatever your image of the Almighty might be, it is fine, and correct. God comes to each person in whatever version best speaks to you. He/She/It (although “it” has never felt right to me) can be all things, so why not an old white man, or a mature black woman, or a young oriental girl, or a Native American man, or… Whatever. You get the idea. The image in each of our minds can be as different as we are.

And people have different terms – God, Creator, Lord, Almighty, as well as others – and all these are correct as well. Whatever image works best for you is the image you can use to communicate.

Unlike the strict dogma of some churches who tell you to use only one image or one term or one word, or thought, or… The Almighty does not worry about the miniscule details. The Almighty is there to help us along our way – provide guidance and assistance should we require or request it – in our search for… well, whatever it is we are searching for. And that can differ from person to person.

As you can tell, I do not have dogmatic leanings. One size fits all, not forcing everyone to be that one size. Since He can be all things, it makes it that much easier for us to find Him, or Her, or It.

If He had not intended us to come to Him from different places, He would have made us all the same. And because that is His pattern, I see no reason to force everyone into a single way of thinking.

We were created with different tools, abilities, thoughts. We need to learn to rejoice in the diversity and understand the gift it is.

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