the Eloi

In the texts of the Judeo-Christian religion, God (Jehovah) stands alone as the Creator (& Ruler) of the world. But such was not always the case. Even in the books of the Old Testament, He is mentioned as one of a group of gods, the Elohim.

[I have often wondered if this was the inspiration for H. G. Wells’ tribe called the Eloi in The Time Machine.]

Several places in the early books of the Bible this plurality of gods is mentioned and many theologians say it is nothing more than the popular royal “we” used by Henry the Eighth and others.

Unfortunately, the history of the religion says otherwise. In the early days, the Judean Pantheon was much like the other tribes around. But one of the gods, Yahweh [Jehovah], their storm god, grew to preeminence during the period of the conflagrations visited on them during the Exodus.

With the plethora of storms, one had better pray to the storm god!

The priesthood of this god was able to muscle the others out – although they still seemed to be in use up to the period of Solomon, who had several of the other deities in his temple.

How easy it would be to say that it was slips of the scribal pens that created this confusion, that was always only the one true God. Sadly, such is not the case. The one God of the Judea-Christian origins is a far remove from the “God of Love” spoken of by Jesus.

So, what is the relation of this God the Father with Yahweh the storm god? Certainly there has been some evolution in the religion over the centuries but are they both actually the same deity?

It is a subject left to theologians and agnostics to ponder.

To those of faith, it really does not matter. It is a game of names and semantics. Any human labels we use cannot confine the reality of the matter.

The Creator is…

Yes, the Creator IS.

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