Dynamic Gods

With Christianity having only the one God, I was always fascinated with those religions of old who sported many gods. The Greeks, Romans, Sumerians, and early tribes of Africa and the Americas all have interesting tales.

The Hindu religion is probably the only widespread modern religion with a pantheon of gods. In their ancient texts they tell of marvelous doings of the gods: wars, journeys, tribulations, and so forth.

The Mahabharata is a massive tale about the early period of the people of India and their gods. Their gods seem so much more dynamic than many of the others I have studied.

These guys even had spaceships! They called them vimanas and they were able to fly around in them, astonishing the humans.

It gives a whole new meaning to the idea of Von Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods.

Of course, there is also Zechariah Sitchin’s view of the gods of early Sumeria. Many scholars say he has bungled the translations and interpretations of the inscriptions.

Still, there seems to be something in these dynamic gods from space.

They would be very “human” in their characters, vengeful, spiteful, egotistical; demanding worship from their earthling slaves. In fact, it sounds a lot like the early gods of the Judeo-Christian pantheon and probably why the Old Testament Jehovah behaves the way he does… quite a change from the God that Jesus seems to represent.

It would be interesting to get into a time machine and travel back to the time of the ancients and see first-hand what happened to Moses on Mount Sinai. To see what the Ark of the Covenant was really all about… since Moses stole it from Egypt there must be some more details there we can yet uncover.

And unless we can uncover some ancient texts that actually state what was really going on (and in some language, or symbology that we can understand) we may never fully grasp what went on in that period of history.

But whatever the gods were in the past, whether Jehovah and Krishna were really aliens, does not matter in the least as there is still a Creator behind it all. The Almighty that created us all was not an egocentric ruler of a slave race. He was a loving and somewhat playful Creator. Playful? you ask. Yes, just as in anyone who has to deal with a lot of children. A benevolent kindergarten teacher, guiding us all through this playground where we should be growing and learning.

Rather than killing our kindred. The god that requires such a thing is not a deity I want anything to do with.

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