Killing Our Brothers in the Name of the Prince of Peace

This is one of the things about religion that has always driven me nuts. As a “Christian nation” we are far too quick to go to war.

Where in the Ten Commandments did it say to go kill people who think differently than we do, or sit on oilfields we covet? Or even “threaten our way of life” as is the usual reason we go off to kill?

Isn’t our “way of life” supposed to be Christian?

Some probably think it might make some sort of sense when we combat people of other religious leanings. But when we fought against other Christians, both sides prayed to the same God before the battle. How crazy is that?

And fighting the Muslims – and there were several Crusades that did this years ago as well – they have scriptures against killing as well. Two religions forbidden to kill going out to do battle and kill each other.

Why anyone engaged in such an activity even thinks they can get into the heaven of their choice by breaking one of their own Commandments is completely insane. God (or Allah) says you cannot get into heaven by breaking this commandment.

With all the wars throughout history – even if you consider only those since the inception of Christianity – I guess there are a multitude of spirits waiting around in limbo, then, as God is not going to let them come into heaven until the final judgment or something. And just think of all those who died in the Crusades fighting for either side who sit in limbo as we speak.

And we have in this country, today, many devout Christians who are very supportive of the troops in the Middle East, praying that they stay out of harm’s way. It is a nice attitude but I think there are more Christian ways of keeping them out of harm’s way: all the Christians pressuring their Congressmen to get the war ended.

I do not want to get into the politics of the situation – as that would be a losing proposition for all concerned – but only want to highlight the anti-Christian activity we as a race have indulged ourselves for far too long.

Do I think war can be outlawed or eradicated? No, not as long as there are humans. Many of us seem to have a propensity for such activity. Note the success of war in motion picture and on cable channels. Note also the success of computer games dealing with the subject.

John Dalmas, a science fiction author, wrote a novel called The Regiment in which he describes a rational way to alleviate the warriors in the society. Rather than try to stop it, you train them to become better warriors and then go out to fight other well-trained professional warriors.

Of course, there are those in society who want such activity without such things as training, professionalism, and pride. But these are psychopaths who want to use the warrior-types for their own ends.

True warriors have a code they live by and are not easily drawn in by the psychopaths. But the concept of protecting hearth and home, and the American way of life, can draw many into wars even when their religion forbids it.

Political manipulation has unfortunately outweighed the religious convictions of so many unwary soldiers for the past two millennia.

Isn’t it time we grew up and started acting like the Christian nation we profess to be? Or shall we continue this delusion until fate removes the choice from our hands?

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