Christian Radio

Some time ago, my wife found a Christian radio station in our area and listened to it for a while until they got political. It seemed they were more concerned about how other people conducted their lives rather than their own. They were rallying their listening audience to call and petition their Congressmen for their cause… something to make other people stop doing something or other.

She quit listening.

Some time later, a co-worker at my place of employment brought in a radio and tuned it to a different Christian radio station: WGTS 91.9. It was the polar opposite of the one my wife had found. Their news segment was short and rarely mentioned really bad news – unlike the usual broadcast companies whose mainstay is bad news. The news they did mention was spun to accentuate the positive, uplifting portions; human interest stuff with the accent put on the humans.

The music is almost continuous – no commercial interruptions – but is broken with some stories by the DJ’s about some humorous failings and they invite the listeners to call in and share such stories.

Those who have read much of my stuff so far will realize that I am not the usual Christian – if indeed anyone would consider me in the same ballpark – but songs and music raised to the glory of God is a good thing, no matter what your religious leaning.

They call themselves “family friendly” and there is nothing broadcast that you would mind your children repeating. No offensive or off-color jokes, rudeness, or negativity.

Even I can appreciate their sense of community. This is more what I think Jesus was talking about: living your life the best you can, building on your foundation with the Almighty, and offering to help others – not shoving your own beliefs down their throats.

Without commercials, they depend on community support with an annual drive that takes four days to raise the funding. I have joined in support of them and invite anyone else to listen to them. One of their financial supporters lives in Yorkshire, England. They can’t get the station there except through the internet.

And if you are not in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, they can be heard online with streaming download at Perhaps you’ll find the station as encouraging as many others do even if, like me, it does not completely coincide with your philosophy.

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