I have read some bloggers object to the “obvious” racist themes in the movie “Avatar”. They object to the representation of the earthlings as the bad guys and the aliens (i.e. the non-Caucasian race) as the peaceful natives victimized by the whites.

Somehow they missed the part of the film where they were saved by one of the white earthlings.

Others object that it is always an earthling that saves the alien races, as though they were not smart enough to succeed against the enemy without that intervention – therefore the aliens (i.e. the non-Caucasian race) are imbeciles.

I think the aliens would have survived even without the handful of earthlings helping them. Mother Nature, even in an alien realm, has always prevailed over us.

The point of the story is to show that even though humans can be unthinking beings and capable of immense damage, we also have the capacity for selflessness, compassion, and inquisitive regard for things beyond our personal reality.

I found the film to be uplifting, a promise that even in the midst of corporate greed and political expediency, the more noble human qualities can prevail even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

Hope… yes, we can still become better than the news media tells us we are.

And we can get as close to our Maker as the aliens have gotten to theirs.

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