Conundrum I

There was a group of Bible scholars using poor circular logic claiming the Bible was correct in that the world began in about 6000BC but God set fossils in the Earth to make it appear older than it was. [Hmm, was that God doing that or Satan?] Naturally, many of the church leaders cringed.

Most talk of evolution versus the Bible claims the dating in the Bible is obviously in error. Of course, the theories of dating cannot be proven any better – but don’t tell a scientist such a thing… they have a theory (translate as “true fact”) to cover just about everything.

So many Biblical scholars have fallen back on the “metaphorical” defense: the older dates in the Books of Moses are metaphorical, not literal. But how can the “word of God” be literal truth if it is metaphor?

Such is the conundrum of the present. The Bible cannot be truth if it is metaphor – and then one has to decide where the metaphor stops and the literal truth begins. If we decide only those parts that do not align with current scientific thought can be taken as metaphor, we are in greater trouble. Nowhere in scripture does God tell us His works have to align with science.

This brings us to a dualistic thought process. We have to believe the Bible is ALL correct and science is correct as well but on different, or parallel, levels.

And that’s tough to do.

It’s a conundrum!

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