Faith Mechanics

Faith is belief in something you cannot see, or touch.

One might not think there are any steps to faith – either you’ve got it or you haven’t. Actually, there are.

A person’s faith is based on real-world experience coupled with “gut feelings”, and these can easily change over time. Many who have lost a loved one can “lose their faith” and think God has quit working for them. And the old saw about His “working in mysterious ways” does not bring any comfort to people in such a situation; i.e. having lost faith.

As Night Shyamalan’s character pointed out in “Signs”: perhaps there are no coincidences. Everything happens for a reason. And, usually, the why of it’s occurrence is not the most important question.

Perhaps we are all here being tested. Testing our faith, testing our character, whatever. It is our response to these times of stress that show what we’re really made of.

But this article is about mechanics. How does one gain faith? The answer can be found in the basics of any twelve-step program, and it is all in step two: giving yourself over to a “higher power”.

Which “higher power”? Any! They say you can give yourself over to God, Jesus, Allah, or even your uncle Bob if you will concede that is the “higher power” in your life.

The reason this is effective is because people normally (at least, I think it is something very natural to humans) think we are in control of our lives. And it is this apparency of control that leads to the majority of our problems. Just by letting go of the reins and allowing someone or something else to take control of our lives is the main ingredient.

Now, you might think it would take a lot of faith just to do something like that. That you would already have to have some faith in that higher power. Actually, no. All it takes – and this is rather humorous as it is still you in control – is the conscious decision to let go of the control and let the higher power move you along.

It is something like in the song “Jesus, Take the Wheel”. I do not recommend anyone go driving without holding onto the steering wheel but it is a metaphor for giving up the control of directing your own life.

Many have wrist bracelets with the letters WWJD, What Would Jesus Do? It is a conscious act to re-think all your decisions and let the higher power direct you. It does not mean you quit living your life and become some sort of automaton. You simply move in a new direction with consciously directed decisions.

So I think the most basic mechanic of faith is to accept that you are not the big cheese and realize there is something greater outside yourself directing the course of the universe.

Others would tell you that it takes faith to make that leap. I think all it takes is the decision.

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