Having… the Answer

Most people are trying to acquire all the newest and latest gizmos and gadgets they can. Each new technological whiz-bang jumps to the top of their wish list.

So, many people without question think that having things is the key to happiness. Lifestyles of the rich and famous are displayed for the rest of us to drool over and wish we had some of their things, their possessions, their lifestyle, their happiness. Well, they are happy aren’t they? I mean, you should think with all that stuff they would be living on cloud nine all the time.

Then you remember Kurt Cobain… money & fame wasn’t enough… and Owen Wilson… and many others over the years. All the money and fame did them no good. All the notoriety and things simply did nothing for them, or at least not enough.

And many who did not wind up killing themselves, turned to drugs and other methods of exiting the life they were supposed to be loving. Perhaps the wealth really did not mean anything.

Regardless of our situation – rich or poor – that part is meaningless. Our real challenges come from the inside and our relation to the infinite as well as to others in society, our family, our friends, our associates.

These interactions that enrich us all are things unaffected by material wealth. But they are the only things that can truly affect us.

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