Back in the ’60’s, meditation, especially TM (transcendental meditation), was the big thing. And for a time I was studying Buddhism and spent quite a bit of time in meditation.

I think it’s a good practice no matter what religion you espouse. It calms the noise in your mind and allows you to get closer in touch with both your spiritual side and the Almighty.

A friend was thinking about getting into meditation – his therapist told him it would have a calming effect to help de-stress his life – and asked me if I had any experience with it. I told him that I had done it for so long that I could maintain a meditative mindset for a large portion of the day.

He scoffed and said that was impossible. “In meditation you have to close your eyes,” he said, “how could you do that and do anything else?” That’s why the Buddhist monks did nothing but sit around all day to meditate.

A year later, he told me that he was doing meditation and, sure enough, he too found he could continue the meditative state beyond the sitting on the floor position.

Meditation is a mind-set. You can assume the state anywhere, anytime. It greatly reduces stress and keeps your mind clearer for receiving input. Especially input coming from the Almighty. If you are too busy thinking, it is hard to receive any answers.

A preacher I heard on the radio a few months ago said that Christians should enter a continual “prayerful” state; it is supported by scripture although I did not record the chapter and verse. It is supposed to be the way Christians can stay in closer contact with the Almighty on a more constant basis.

And it sounds so much like the meditative state the Buddhists try to attain.

The Almighty touches everyone, everywhere.

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