Conundrum II

It is true that many of the aspects of Jesus’ “mythic” beginnings and childhood were mentioned in earlier tales of other mythic heroes.

So religious adherents say that was only Satan – knowing what the Son of God would be like – creating similar heroes before that time, or merely spreading such tales, BEFORE Christ arrived so that the non-believers would be led astray.

Again, this is a similar logic to Conundrum I, but many more Church leaders adhere to this view than the God-planted-the-fossils-to-mislead-us theory in the other conundrum.

Why can’t Christians realize the parallels exist and pre-date the Gospels? Because they believe the “literal truth” premise of the scriptures. (Of course, I have found nothing in scripture that says someone else could not have had similar circumstances surrounding their birth.)

One has to remember that, at that time in history, great heroes were accompanied by wonders at their birth as well as descent from a god. It was standard in the stories, especially in the Greek and Roman myths – as was the society at the time of Jesus – so their great hero should have been accompanied by similar signs.

Of course, if it was just such a literary mechanism then it could not have been the literal Word of God, could it?

And that’s a conundrum!

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