Recapturing Heaven

My wife asked me the other day if perhaps all our time on Earth is merely our attempt to recreate what we had in Heaven. An interesting notion, since most people think our time in Heaven will be a recreation of what we have here, especially in regard to our mate.

What if the search for our soul mate and such (as mentioned in the previous entry on Dualities) was merely our attempt to find the mate we had in Heaven before? A lot of people theorize that we were created in Heaven and sent here by the Almighty as a training ground… Training for what is never quite explained, but it is an interesting notion.

We search on this plane for unconditional love – the sort of love one would expect from the Almighty – and it seems a difficult thing to find.

Many people also look for ways to escape the (supposed) drudgery of this world. Many use various means of escapism: drugs, sex, exercise… whatever form of escapism appeals to their taste. Looking for some way to recapture the euphoria we once had before this incarnation.

Another method of escapism has been pointed out by R. S. Marshal (on his 2012Talk blog here on WordPress). People are looking for the end of the world… No, not just looking for it, hoping for it, praying for it, longing for it. Anything to bring this existence to an end to send us back to our heavenly home.

I don’t know if it has any validity, but it is certainly an interesting notion.

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