There are many books I have read that try and explain-away the miracles of Jesus.

Feeding the multitudes with the loaves and fishes could have meant that He fed them spiritually, with knowledge rather than loaves and fish. His raising Lazarus could have been some form of ritualistic passage into the inner mysteries.

But some writers have really taken this to a whole ‘nuther level. Such as Laurence Gardner claiming Jesus was an Essene and the walking on water was really nothing more that His strolling along a baptismal causeway – which Peter later stepped onto but, not knowing its course, slipped and went under the water.

People! Really!!

If Jesus had done no miracles, why would He say such a thing as “these things I do you can do and greater”? If He did not do anything miraculous, why would He say we could do greater? Greater than what, nothing?

No, Jesus did miracles. Perhaps not all those ascribed to Him in the Gospels but I don’t know of anyone with authority enough to tell us which.

And if He did no miracles, His story would be far from miraculous.

Even if the Christian faiths have the story a bit twisted – and from my point of view, they do, otherwise there would not be as many different Christian faiths, huh? – there was still some mighty powerful displays given.

Powerful enough that people were marveling about it long after He was gone.

Powerful enough so to make a new religion.

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