Conundrum III

Some Seventh Day Adventists researchers proclaim the “number of the beast” points directly to the Pope because of the title “vicarius filii dei” (vicar of the Son of God). [The way this works is that the writer did not know the words he was seeing in the vision but he DID know Roman numerals, hence:

V – I – C – A – R – I – V – S — F – I – L – I – I — D – E – I
5 – 1-100-0 – 0 – 1 – 5 – 0 — 0 – 1 -50- 1 – 1 — 500-0-1 = 666 ]

The Popes would like to backtrack and remove all mention of the title from their records but they cannot… so the Church weakly claims “it has never been an ‘official’ title of the Pope”.

That’s splitting hairs as the Popes for centuries have used the title in an ‘official’ capacity which, legally speaking, DOES make it an official title.

Now the tricky part comes: the title derived from a forged document – probably created at the behest of a Pope (or one of his minions) – in order to acquire temporal power over the rulers of the world; this document was the “Donation of Constantine”, purportedly written by the Emperor Constantine giving supreme power to the Catholic Church in Rome.

So the “number of the beast” is now connected to the Pope but not through any coincidence. How? Because the person who forged the document probably knew it added up to the number of the beast and had it in for the Pope. Who knows?!

It was a definite human agency that saddled the Pope with the number of the beast, but could he have been working through some sort of Divine Agency? Again, who knows?

Anyway, it is more circular logic like conundrum I & II. The Pope is saddled with the number of the beast through some form of human agency, not in answer to a prophecy.

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