Conundrum IV

Jesus met all the prophecies predicting the coming Messiah of the Old Testament, and how could He not? He was a rabbi, He knew the signs of the coming messiah, as did a majority of the populace. Everyone was expecting the coming Messiah to do such and such and to have certain attributes. Jesus, knowing the signs as well as anyone else in His world, could easily follow a checklist and make certain he accomplished all the signs He was supposed to display.

This is not to say that He intentionally mislead the people. If He wanted to announce His presence as the Messiah, all He had to do was follow the prophetic script. Everyone would know who He was, except for the Romans, of course.

If someone did not know the signs and somehow accomplish each one, it would have been truly miraculous!

So, does it make Him the Messiah because He already knew what signs He was supposed to display?

Another conundrum!

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