Reading Scripture

In the past, the Catholic Church was actually afraid of allowing the common people the ability of reading. They really did not want people to read the scriptures. They were apprehensive of what might happen.

I don’t know what they were worried about, most Christians don’t bother reading it anyway. It is a very dry text in much of it. Even the usual stories we learned as children – Noah and the flood, Daniel in the lion’s den, Joseph and the sojourn in Egypt, etc. – are very different reading the scriptural versions.

Like I said, very dry.

And then you stick in the dietary laws, the counting of the tribes, the listing of the genealogies and the generations of names and names and more names. Joshbekashah, now there’s a name that should have caught on. Or Romantiezer. Catchy, huh?

Jonah and the big fish should read more like the climax of Pinocchio, but its very dark. He has plenty to deal with even before the storm and the large fish.

Still, though it might not be “fresh” as we prefer our literature, it is a very interesting volume. Jael drives a knife into the brain of a sleeping General Sisera, David lusts after another man’s wife and sends the man to lead a troop in battle after battle until he gets killed so he can marry the widow – and he is still a favorite with God – some children tormenting an early prophet are torn apart by bears.

There are a lot of tales in the scriptures that are not for the young or for the faint in heart, but they paint a very dramatic picture of the people and the times which they portray.

I have always thought it a shame that most people rely on a few favorite psalms or the teachings of Jesus alone for their Biblical indulgences. I believe the entire volume should be read and re-read.

It really is a fascinating piece of literature.

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