Conundrum V

If the Bible is “literal truth” and “the Word of God” why do the various churches pick and choose which parts they will adhere to in their faith? What yardstick do they use to filter through the rules to decide what applies to them.

Either it’s all true or it isn’t. And, as one Jewish blogger stated, if any religion applied the whole of the Bible as the true Word of God, they would be Jews.

Most Christian religions ignore the dietary laws as if it does not apply to them. But the other commandments handed down by God are taken as “gospel”. Why? Did they figure only the Jews were subject to that section of the Bible as it preceded Jesus? If so, why include the Old Testament as part of the Bible – why include it as part of the “Word of God” if they are going to ignore it!

So, where in the scriptures does God say we have the choice to pick and choose which of the commandments, which of the rules, which of the laws we would follow? Where in the Bible are the rules prioritized? Who says which are the more important ones?

Can we still get into heaven – any heaven – by following only the rules handed down that we want to apply?

What religion could possibly condone such behavior?

Well, ALL of them, of course!

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