Both of my sons have claimed to be atheists, but on closer examination, they are not… quite. They both merely have some objections to religion that prevent them from admitting the existence of a God.

The elder son rants a lot about people trying to shove their religion down his throat. Hey, but it’s hard for anyone to find something really great without wanting to share it with everyone else. That’s human nature and it’s a good thing to want to share in their joy. But it is a turn-off for a lot of other people.

Another objection he has is that most people have not read the Bible they profess to believe as the unvarnished “word of God”. This is, unfortunately, too true. Most people only know certain parts of the book and are completely unaware what the rest of the volume talks about. [This has been discussed in an earlier entry – “Reading Scripture”]

The younger son complains that you cannot prove the existence of God one way or the other so the whole issue is moot. I don’t know if he expects it to be something blatantly obvious – though it seems patently obvious to a lot of people – but he just has not found the signs that point him in the right direction yet.

I was there before, so I understand what they are going through. When you are not on the same wavelength as the religions you see around you, you think there’s no God. And you might start looking for the answers in science or math or data of some sort. That’s good… at least you are still looking! As long as you are looking, you will probably find some answers.

All too many people have quit looking, so firm are they in their belief that there really is no God. And that’s fine too. If God had intended we all find Him so quickly or in the same fashion, He probably would have given us similar brains, but He did not.

We need to respect the differences – even the atheism – as it is all part of God’s creation. I am not going to say that I understand what His design is and start forcing my opinion on others. I am not privy to His plans, not even those for me.

So don’t knock atheists. Some of them do come around.

I did.

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