Miracles Prove… What?

I have read commentary over the years about miracles and the people they occur to. So many of these Christians claim that their miracle proves that following Christ is the correct path. It proves He was the one true Son of God and that His message is the only true path!

Sounds good, huh? Except that it is wrong.

Miracles happen around the world to people of all different faiths whether Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Shinto, Taoism, or whatever, and it does not prove their god is the correct one either.

What it does prove is that all these faiths can connect to the Almighty, that He goes by more than one name, and that anyone who asks can get an answer. As Jesus said, “Ask and you shall receive.”

All the world and the universe is His creation. Why would he isolate half – or any for that matter – of His children that come to Him in times of need? Would a parent do this to their children?

Miracles only prove that He still has a place in our lives even in this technological age, no matter the faith of the recipient.

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One Response to “Miracles Prove… What?”

  1. GenesisCode Says:

    Some Christians point out that miracles not of Jesus or through the grace of Christ are the works of Satan.

    But what does “grace of Christ” mean? Could we each have “Christ consciousness” available to us? Not depending on Yehoshua of Nazareth, but by being like him?

    The “evil” magic performed by the Egyptian priests against Aaron and Moses might only mean that they knew how to tap into the power of spirit, but were doing it for selfish reasons (ego). Any such magic associated with ego is tainted by the “relativistic” dichotomies of physical reality. Just as imperfect confidence prevents such miracles from manifesting, even with 99.9999999% confidence. Only the paramita (Buddhist perfection) can allow such “magic” to happen. Yet, such “magic” comes from the discontinuous realm of creation. One might have perfect confidence, but if one’s motives are “continuity” ridden (ego), then it might not be as powerful as the magic of someone who is firing on all spiritual thrusters.

    I don’t doubt that God wanted to give us every opportunity to come back to him, whether it was through the Tao, Zen, the Kabbalah, or any one of numerous other paths to Enlightenment. The trick is finding the interest and desire to follow through. Not surprisingly, so many are still distracted by ego and other earthly concerns.

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