a Thought on the Mission of Jesus

One problem I have with the usual Christology is that they require the Old Testament in order to prove that He was the prophesied Messiah. According to the Old Testament prophets, the coming Messiah would be known by doing X and then Y and then Z.

Because Jesus did all these things, it is said He was the Messiah.

But Jesus told us that He did X, Y, and Z in order to “fulfill the prophecy”. He was not doing these things because it was something that needed doing, He was doing it because it was required, i.e. He utilized the prophecy as a roadmap. He was not some starry-eyed youth stumbling across what he should be doing by some divine inspiration, He was a rabbi, a scholar of the texts, and He already knew what the coming Messiah was supposed to do. If he was trying to convince people He was the Messiah, how could He NOT follow the template?

It is like a self-fulfilling prophecy. You tell a person that the Second Coming will find the Messiah climbing the steps of the US Capitol Building and leaping up and down screaming “hosanna” seven times, and he will do that very thing in order to prove to you that he is the Second Coming.

Likewise, by Jesus saying repeatedly that He did these things “in order to fulfill the prophecy” told you that He did not think He was the Messiah, but that He wanted everyone else to recognize Him as such.

Now, the question arises is “Why?” The prophesied Messiah was to rid the nation of Judah from invaders and assume the throne. But Jesus did none of that. In fact, He went so far as to tell people to give to Caesar the things of Caesar. So, why would we assume he was the Messiah? He did not seem to think so. Was He intentionally misleading the people? No. There was another message He was giving us.

And that message was the truly marvelous thing about His ministry.

He told the people that His kingdom was in heaven so His followers today look to join Him in heaven above. But He also said the kingdom of heaven lies within you. Do you think those two separate quotes are somehow not related? His kingdom is in the place already within you, not in some future abode in the ether.

One old woman came to get healed by Jesus but the crowds were so thick around Him that she could not approach Him. But as He passed, she reached out between the pressing throng and touched the hem of His robe. Jesus stopped instantly and pointed her out, commenting to everyone that she had healed herself.

He did not say that He had healed her, but that she had healed herself. Like “Physician, heal thyself.” Jesus was not looking for a bunch of followers, he was looking for the leader in all of us, the healer in all of us, the resident of heaven eternal already in all of us.

If you can heal yourself and reach the Almighty through the heaven that already lies within you, I cannot see that He was trying to found a church which tells you that you have to go through them to get to the Father. A church which would oppress most of Europe for a millennium.

That’s a thought I had on the subject. Perhaps you have another interpretation. It is, I am certain, as valid as my own. Our relation with the Almighty is an entirely personal thing.

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One Response to “a Thought on the Mission of Jesus”

  1. TheLoveOfGod Says:

    I’m not so sure about each interpretation being as valid as the other from the absolute perspective, but relative to the personal self, yes. We each have our own path, and many truths to accept and grow out of.

    I have a feeling Jesus really wanted to fulfill prophecy because he and his gang helped to create the prophecy in the first place. All part of the Mission Earth, to rescue the long lost brethren.

    Good point about healing thyself. Many Christians get bent out of shape when you try to tell them that they can create miracles, too.

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