How Can Gnostics Know God?

I have heard it said that you can only truly know God through faith. It’s a nice thought, but that is only one opinion.

Many people think you cannot understand God analytically. If you were inclined in that way, you’d be too scientific and, therefore, out of touch with the more spiritual matters.

But, as I have mentioned before, some of the greatest mathematical minds of the past (notably Pythagoras and Isaac Newton) were in search of the Almighty through the best tool at their disposal: their mind.

You see, some people have a different mindset than the usual religious crowd. Perhaps they were all like those from Missouri, the “show me” state. They have to be able to understand something to comprehend it. So they have to be able to come to the Almighty in that fashion. Faith just won’t do anything for them.

Like those two math giants of the past, one can come to a closer understanding of God through analyzing His works. Just like an author follows a certain pattern of language usage in their books, the Creator left His traces in all His Creations. Gnostics can come to see the Hand of God in His works by analysis and contemplation. Each person has to come to their own path of understanding and some take many years to make the connections – I know because I was one of the slow learners.

Once the patterns have been revealed to the searcher they can have as deep and as satisfying a religious experience as any of the faithful.

Fortunately, most people are able to simply exercise their faith on the matter.

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