the God particle

Physicists are in search of a particle they think was somehow involved in the moment of creation itself, a subatomic particle at the very core of the structure of the universe. They call this article the God particle.

Perhaps they think they can finally silence the religious community by finding such a thing. But I cannot see it doing any such thing. They thought the Theory of Evolution would quiet them, or the Big Bang, but neither has had any serious impact on the religious community.

After finding the God particle, they should still have to find what stimulated it to start the process. Good luck with that. Random selection only works so far, you know. Somewhere along the line, someone or something had to make some choices. Not mechanical actions and reactions, but conscious choices.

In a mechanically perfect universe, there would not be such a thing as serendipity, there would not be such a thing as miracles, nor any such thing as faith. In other words, it would be a universe I would not want any part of, but thanks.

Pythagoras and Newton were attempting to better understand God by the mechanics and mathematics of the universe. Modern science has taken it to whole new level but I think they are still, at the heart of it all, trying to better understand God – most of them would never admit to such, of course.

Understanding the universe and its mechanics is a noble endeavor, but to think we have any sort of control over it is a gross misconception. We are gardeners for a time, husbandmen to our fellows, here such a short time to think of mastering everything.

The God particle might be an interesting find, but then they will go looking for something else as that is their nature. I just hope they do not try to make more of it than that.

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