Tuning-In to the Almighty

Coming to understand the Almighty cannot be accomplished from a book. You might get some tips or practical steps from it, even the Bible, but you cannot reach a full understanding that way.

One has to experience the connection with God, to gain comprehension. It’s a very personal thing, as I have said before.

And one has to become involved in any of the religions to truly understand their take on the matter. Reading a book can only take you so far.

Of course, most people are not out to study religion in this way, they are simply searching for a relationship with the Almighty that has some meaning for them, personally. So they might find that connection at the first church they drop into, or the second. Or third.

Years ago, I took a class called “Comparative Religions”, but it was hopelessly mired in the opinions of the authors of the text (and the professor) to give any deep insight to what the different religions were really about.

I had to go and experience them myself.

People say experience is the best teacher. No, it is the only teacher.

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