the Quest for the “Right” Occupation

A lot of people are very career-oriented but to what end? What does that career orientation translate to in real terms? Is it just more money you want? Prestige? Recognition? Power?

Knowing full well what you want is extremely important in making these decisions. Especially if you have a wife and children to consider. Is it really the best for them? I have often thought that if the Almighty really had made a place for everyone why was it so hard to find?

Or is it?

A friend loved fishing more than anything in the world and worked at a job he hated just so he could have the time and money to go and fish. He finally took the plunge and went out looking for a job that let him fish.

And he found it!

He works for a company that makes casting reels and his job is to test them. How? By fishing! His pay is about the same as the job he hated and he spends his time in a less stressful job.

I used to work at a university library. A co-worker spent the day checking in the magazines received for the collection. She really did not like the job and asked me for a horoscope to answer the question about her employment – yes, I was an astrologer at one time. Her chart showed she would excel in a financial position. She laughed and said she couldn’t even add without assistance. A few months later, she quit and took a position in the business sector as a clerk in a finance office. After a year, she called to say she had been promoted to a junior accountant because she had a knack at problem solving accounting issues. Who would’ve thought! Three years later, she was promoted to manager of the accounting department and loving the job.

After the recent blizzard, our wood supply had run low and I called our local supplier of firewood. He was out and so I started calling others I did not know. After several “sorry, I’m out of wood for the season” responses, I got a hold of a gentleman who said it would be a couple of days before delivery. As he unloaded the truck we talked. He had tried several different jobs in his younger days and started doing wood as a side job. Turns out, he loved it so much that he does it full time.

The point here is that there really IS a place for each of us. If I had any of the three jobs above, I would hate them. I would dread going to work each day and look for any excuse I could to take time off. Those people do not think that way. And no one should about their occupation.

If you are in a job that you really don’t like, remember not only are you keeping yourself from doing the job you are more suited for (were created to do), you are also keeping a person from the job they would love to have.

I think ere is a proper job for every person and a person for every job. Now, if everyone would simply leave the job they hate, everyone could be in a position they could be happy with.

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? And we would have a happier workplace afterward.

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