Religion is Personal

Anyone who has followed this blog for any length of time realizes that I am not spreading the usual Christian message, nor am I spreading a message slanted toward the Muslim or Hindu beliefs. In fact I follow none of the major religions – nor the minor ones, I think.

But neither am I knocking any religion either, past, present, or future religion. I think all the faiths I have seen are all worshipping the same God – by whatever name they use – as there can only be one creator of the universe. We all have to come to Him in a manner suited to our character… you know, the way He made us. And He made us all different for a reason. If He intended we should all be of one color, one creed, one anything He certainly would have made us with a lot less diversity.

So stand in the glory of whichever course you have chosen for your sojourn back to the Almighty as the proper course for you. Please don’t assume everyone else needs to walk your same path. Proselytism can be very annoying to many.

Still, I understand the magic and wonder when you have found something really great. You want to share it with the world – and especially your friends – and help everyone else get on the glory train to salvation. Someone has probably told you that one train is the only one going to glory and you want to make sure those close to you get saved as well. Or perhaps you have taken on the task of saving the world.

More power to you, but that won’t work. I have two millennia of Catholic history to prove that answer is exactly the wrong one.

Not everyone is created in the same mold and in religious or spiritual matters one size will not fit all. If there is a church or gathering that speaks directly to you, join by all means. But allow the rest of us to find our own group of like-thinking searchers.

Religion is, like the connection only you can make for you with the Almighty, a very personal thing.

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