We Will Just Have to Try a Little Harder

Forgiveness and brotherly love is at the root of Christianity.

I’m just sorry I did not see much of that today from the Christian radio station I normally listen to – or any others I sampled.

“Vengeance is mine” saith the American and we seem to wallow in the righteousness of that vengeance a little too greedily. Where in scripture does it say this is the proper action?

One person I heard was quoting from scripture how it was good in the eyes of God to do such a thing.

Only problem, that was the Old Testament they were quoting and that would be fine if we were all Jewish. But we have a New Testament on which we actually base our religion… you know, that thing called Christianity.

Far be it from me to judge those who reveled in the killing, I simply wonder where their “Christian-ess” has gone.

Did Christ ever tell us to kill one another? Did He say to wreak vengeance on those who transgressed against us?

Did He happen to mention celebrating such activity?

Where in all this is the turned cheek He spoke of? Where the stone being cast by the first sinless person?

Recalling how the Amish reacted to a killer in their midst, forgiving the man, embracing his widow and helping her through what must have been a very trying time, made me think perhaps that was a more Christian reaction we could have embraced after 9/11, rather than starting a war to kill so many untold thousands more.

I earlier lamented that we tend to kill our brothers in the name of the Prince of Peace, but now we even revel in the fact.

Casting Crowns had a marvelous lyric that comes to mind: Jesus paid much too high a price for us to pick and choose.

Why are we still not learning the lessons?

Probably because we are still all too human. And to err is human, to forgive, Divine.

We really need to start stretching ourselves a little more.


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