Thank God for the Atheists!

On my way home from work every day, I pass by the county courthouse. A quaint old building with a long and glorious history, having survived the Civil War and a couple of battles in the vicinity.

Recently, a poster has been set up on the lawn near the street corner by the courthouse. It started early last year and was interrupted just before Easter but resumed shortly afterward.

The posters are from the American Atheist Association and they have some novel concepts.

One poster displayed a quote on scientists (by a scientist, of course) and regaled them as heroes for bravely searching for truth in the face of the opposition of ancient misconceptions.

A very nice poster…

But first you have to agree with a couple of opinions in the quotation: 1stly, that science has actually found “truth”, and 2ndly, that the ancients’ beliefs were misconceptions.

I am certain most viewers driving past would have agreed with the statement, never questioning the definitions of the terms like I did.

Perhaps you might have as well.

But I had seen the earlier posters. I found their choices exceptionally humorous.

First they showed the stable of the atheist pantheon, Charles Darwin. Darwin himself was shocked when people tried to use his theory to take God out of the natural equation. He was a very religious man.

Next they showed Jefferson, a father of modern thinking, and a devout believer in free-thinking. Strangely, he too was a very religious person. It’s true that he did not subscribe to the institutionalized religions of his period but he was a firm believer in the Almighty.

And then they had the quote of Einstein about God not playing dice with the universe shows that his mathematics and physics – at least to his own mind – verified what he knew of the creator.

And how could they forget the founding giant of all modern mathematics, that darling of the ungodly, Isaac Newton? Except that his volumes on calculus were being used to verify the existence of God.

Why the atheists have to use so many very religious people to bolster their notion that God does not exist may seem very strange.

But that is one of the anomalies of this existence. You know, not seeing the forest for the trees.

Now all we need for them to do is honor, Copernicus (a cleric of the Church), Pythagoras (who used geometry to understand the Divine), Gregor Mendel (a monk), and the originator of the Big Bang Theory, Georges Lemaître (a priest at the Catholic University of Louvain).

As many already know, the history of science is littered with the very religious folk.

And every now and again we need to be reminded of that.

Thank you, atheists, thank you.

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