“Working in Mysterious Ways” is Such an Understatement

A lot has been written about the religiosity of Denver Broncos’ Quarterback, Tim Tebow. Especially since he shocked the Pittsburgh Steelers and most of the football world on Sunday evening.

Many have mentioned the “3:16” connection. In his college days, Tebow wore eye-black under his eyes inscribed with “John” under the right eye and “3:16” under the left. That might have been all right in the college ranks but the professional NFL looked down on such things.

So it came as a surprise that he passed for 316 yards. And his average yards-per-pass turned out to be 31.6 yards. I have also heard others comment that the game ran 3 hours and 16 minutes. Another claimed the Neilsen share for the broadcast was 31.6.

I’m not certain about all the numerical correlations, but it sounds like the stuff of legend.

But still, I think the legend had already been sealed, a little earlier, and it is a message Mister Tebow should perhaps remember.

In week fourteen of the season, the Broncos had to win to even make the playoffs.

They lost. A chastened Tebow told his fans that he would really have to do better the next game.

But they lost in week fifteen as well. Tebow was very upset that he blew another chance and vowed that he would win the final game and give them their shot at the playoffs.

In the last week of the season, Denver again lost. And miserably so. Tebow had the worst outing of his – and practically anyone else’s – career.

Surprisingly, they fell into a three-way tie for the lead of their division and because of secondary criteria, they actually WON the division.

After losing three in a row and with progressively worse play each outing, most analysts assumed they would wash-out in the first round of the playoffs. After all, Pittsburgh was battle-tested in the playoffs and their record at the end of the season was 13-3, far better than Denver’s 8-8.

But what everyone – including Tebow, perhaps? – missed was that the Quarterback felt he simply HAD to win that last game to get in the playoffs.

Yet they lost… and still got in the playoffs.

Maybe such things were really out of his – or anyone else’s – control.

Mysterious ways?

I’m not implying that Tebow is the second coming or anything or that the Creator really takes such an active interest in the game.

All I suggest is that everyone thought the Broncos could not get into the playoffs without the wins.

And yet they did.

Perhaps it is just a monumental coincidence…

Or it could be a little message, a subtle reminder, from the one who is really in charge of our destiny.

Well done, Tim, and best of luck in Foxborough!

And, remember, it is not ALL on your shoulders. Aid is always there, even if in a rather mysterious way.

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