Fate, Karma, and the Ever After

I have always thought that the most powerful tool the priest had in their arsenal was the knowledge of the after-life, or the hereafter, or the ever-after or whatever you want to call it.

Priests in ancient Egypt carried the secret as a talisman that kept them in favored status to the Pharaohs. In Babylon, portents of the present were important but the all-encompassing degree of safety in the hereafter took precedence.

And it was true in early Christianity as well. The very idea that the fires of purgatory would be doled out to the unbelievers alone, and the true believers of Jesus would bask in the sunlight of everlasting glory forever. This was a great selling point for the religion, a comfort to the grieving, as well as a weapon to be aimed at anyone standing in the way of the growth of the Church.

I’m not being radical or cynical, this is just what history has shown to me.

But even within the modern variant churches I find a lot of variations on this theme.

Most the Christian faiths shun the idea of reincarnation even though there are several mentions in the Bible of Jesus acknowledging its existence. So, most the followers of Christ do not believe in “karma” as a sequential event. Though they do believe in the evil being punished and given their just desserts… as in going to an eternity in the pits of Purgatory.

But most of the Christian faiths I have been associated believe in fate. That what will be was meant to be and was written since the beginning of time.

They sincerely believe that God knew all about us long before there was even an Earth for us to dwell on.

As a stand-up once remarked, then it doesn’t matter what I do in my life, because that was what was already going to happen in my life.

With fate, one loses the sense of responsible choice. Regardless of your choices, “it was meant to be”. Usually this phrase is used when things do not turn out well, but it applies in all situations.

If fate rules the universe, everything on a course already pre-set by the Almighty… What is the point of us being here at all?

Isn’t the whole point of redemption and salvation the choosing to be redeemed or saved?

Should all choice be removed from the equation, what – I ask again – is the point of us being here? If we’re playing some pre-scripted parts, some of us already doomed to the pits of Hell, what is the point of having anything resembling the choice of salvation?

It is one of the things that I have never understood about most churches I have visited. They believe everything is fated but them rail against people who make the wrong choices.

Hey! From your own teachings, what else would you expect them to do?

If anyone else can make a little more sense of this than I, I welcome their comments.

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