Unworthy of Grace

There are many different religions who will tell you you’re not good enough.

Heaven will close it’s doors to you and God himself will turn his colder shoulder in your direction.

You will be doomed to the pits of hell. Despair for all of time… yada yada yada.

Okay, that may be fine for some brands of religion. I mean, some people really relish the idea that they are going to get the “good stuff” while their obnoxious neighbor is going to spend eternity in the “bad place”.

What’s funny is the neighbor is probably thinking the same thing about them.

And that’s fine. Some people need that kind of boosting to feel good about themselves and their brand of thinking.

But can anyone actually be “unworthy” of Grace?

I am sure most people would say, “Hitler. No way he’s going to get into heaven!”


Let’s take a step back for a moment.

Here’s a loving Father, who’s sent the kids out into the world to try and make their way as best they can.

Some begin to doubt their affiliation with the Creator, some even doubting if the Almighty actually exists. All they can see around them is materialism, hatred, pain.

So, a few tend to go astray.

It happens… yes, even in the best of families.

But, one day… the kids come home. And the Father has not seen some of them or heard from some in many a day.

You see, this Father truly loves ALL His children. So, when one arrives at the pearly gates, slack-jawed, never really believing this day could come, ashamed of the legacy they left in their live… How does the Father react?

If you are a parent, you know there is only one way to act: opening your arms to them and forgiving.

Jesus did not base His teachings on revenge and petty judgments, it was all modeled after the Father. Forgiving.

Perhaps if we were all a little more like that, we could find a little heaven before we reach the pearly gates.

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