And Where Does God Stand on the Issues…?

Here in an election year, I have heard a lot of people refer to scriptural references about the issues confronting us today.

Sure, a lot of it is coming from the “Christian Right” who are extremely political in their stance. They advocate against abortion and against gays.

One bumper sticker I have seen frequently is “God is Pro Life”. Apparently, the driver thinks God has nothing to do with the end of the life cycle. Perhaps they somehow think God brings life and Satan brings death, but I don’t know.

I do know that they want the gestation cycle to continue and the live birth to take place. Though they seem to have no issue with sending the little tyke off to war several years later. Yes, the Christian Right is very big on war, it seems. How that should differ essentially from abortion escapes me. Perhaps when the fetus reaches its fiftieth trimester it becomes expendable after all.

Either way, their stance is unsupported by scriptural reference. Yes, really.

If you check what it says, both Old Testament as well as New, God gives us choice. It is the one powerful gift that has been given us by our Creator. Yes, God IS Pro-Choice.

Making abortion illegal does not remove the choice. Years ago, women were getting abortions when it was illegal and many died from it. I think the method we currently use is far better. Outlawing it again will only return us to those dark ages. Choice still reigns supreme.

Many think our lives have been pre-written, that whatever is going to happen has already been written and the Creator already knows which choices we are going to make. That seems a little unreal to me. If our lives had already been fore-ordained, what would be the point of volition. Unless, of course, we were already going to reach salvation, what would be the point of choosing a righteous path. It’s like the old catch-22. If we were already condemned to hell, what would the point be? The reason for choice would be non-existent. The need for our living our lives would be pointless. The need for a universe of choices would become essentially choiceless and pointless and completely useless.

No, I just cannot agree with anything like that. The Almighty does not have that sinister a sense of humor.

The same-sex marriage issue is another politically hot topic. Why, I haven’t a clue. Why do we have so many Christian busy-bodies trying to tell other people how to live their lives? One might get the idea that they already had everything about their own lives in such perfection – Godliness-speaking – that they have time to help “straighten other people out”.

People claim this is a Christian nation but I find the vast majority here – self-proclaimed Christians included – to be more like the people Jesus told to quit being so judgmental, offering to let the sinless cast the first stone.

And since I am fairly certain the percentage of the population falling into that blameless category is extremely close to 0.00% I wonder why these people can call themselves Christians.

Unless, of course, they are talking about some other “Christ” than the one mentioned in scripture.

He, unlike they, had no interest in politics. He was more concerned about us improving our individual relationships with God.

And I certainly don’t see anything resembling that on any of the ballots or party platforms I have seen.

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