The Silent Minority

I recently learned of a new religious movement in America.

No, nothing like Scientology, but another Christian movement. Rather than the Religious Right, this group is the Religious Left.

Whereas the Religious Right wants to control the direction of the politics in the country into their rather narrow interpretations of what they consider morally correct, the Religious Left is a little more lenient in their beliefs. They try to be less judgmental than their right-leaning associates and see nothing scripturally wrong with people of differing sexual orientations, marital needs, or even with abortion.

Of course a lot of the Right-leaners, considering that they are… well, right, comment on the website that homosexuality and abortion are damnable sins. The Left website removes those sort of negative comments. It seems that, like their co-religionists, they are also concerned with being right.

Another way they are like the Christian Right is that they are politically motivated, helping voters choose the candidates whose purposes align most closely with their ideals. They think that rather than choose where to be charitable, they should concentrate on the broken parts of the system that produce such problems.

So, like their Right-leaning cousins, they are politically motivated by what their interpretation of the scriptures means. And, it appears, they are just as judgmental, albeit more leniently than their cousins.

And the one part that still confounds me: where in scripture did Jesus say we should get out and get political? Where did he say we had to control the lives and thoughts of our fellows? Where did he say we should condemn others for their thoughts and actions?

Where, indeed, did He charge us with the task of judge to our fellow man? Wasn’t the point of the story about the stoning of the woman about us being unable to fairly judge people for sins when none of us is blameless?

And I thought He supped with the tax collectors, prostitutes, and sinners to show us that none of that really matters. He was showing us that beyond the differences we assign to people, they are still the same as we.

The only judge we need answer to in that regard is the Almighty, and that won’t be until the final curtain call. And as for all the apparent need to do something political, do not delude yourself that you are doing it for God, or Jesus, or all the Saints and Angels in Heaven.

As Chuck Swindoll said, all of that is really nothing more than egotism, pure and simple. No matter how nicely you try to dress it up in scriptural references, it is really all about YOU trying to force other people to conform to what YOU think is correct.

But Jesus said that is really just between you and God, not any other Man.

And I liked that Chuck Swindoll also said the Greeks had a term for all this egotistical chest-beating.

He said the Greeks called it: hogwash!

I wonder what Jesus would have called it? I think He did speak Greek…

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