Another Metaphor for Life

We recently screened-in our patio to make a more pleasure porch to rest in the evenings.

Still, though, some insects come into the area and cannot seem to find their way back out.

The section of the screen adjacent to the open door seems to be the main field of activity. Apparently, they knew they flew in from the south and should, naturally, be able to return to the south and find escape.

But the concept of a door does not seem to have a place in their lexicon.

So they fly repeatedly into the screen, trying to get to the freedom beyond. They can see it and feel the breeze coming from that direction but cannot make any headway through the fabric of screening material.

A few actually explore further and find the door to freedom into the outside world again but it seems far too many fight against the screen as if not understanding it won’t give way. They crawl around on the surface hoping to find the opening through the screen, but the search is in vain.

Some few even venture into the small space between the screen and the frame, thinking the exit is somewhere along that tight space. Most of the little critters die in that small space either from exhaustion or from pushing themselves into such a tight space that they can no longer withdraw from the spot they’ve gotten themselves in.

Most, give up the fight at all and simply die either still clinging to the screen itself or resting on the frame at the base, too tired to continue the seemingly useless struggle.

Though most people seem to think insects are a completely differing sort of life form, it see in them the same life-force given by the Creator to life and survive. Or, in some cases, not.

Their actions, even in the instance of the screen porch, seem all too reminiscent of how many humans approach – or attack – life.

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