Nicholas Cage starred in an apocalyptic film a few years back by that name about a character who had foreseen the end of the world.

He has to sort through the clues to make the discovery for himself and the knowledge makes fundamental changes in his psyche.

And, of course, he can do nothing to avert the destruction of planet Earth.

But what his character learned was that there are things more important…

Coming out of Connecticut are a few stories that should truly awe everyone.

Apparently, some of the victims seem to have known in advance that their time was almost over.

Some things they did, things they said, and even messages written in their journals seem to indicate they knew the end was near.

Perhaps being as young as they were, they could not fully articulate what they felt on the horizon.

Or perhaps, like Cage’s character, they understood that existence on this plane is really so fleeting, for all of us.

I would like to think of all of them as “old souls”.

The question that remains is what can we take away from this?

If nothing more than bitterness, regrets and recriminations, I am afraid the lesson was lost.

And must more than likely be repeated.

How sad.

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