Seeing the Really Big Picture

There is a Brandon Heath song, “Gimme Your Eyes”, that repeats an age-old prayer for us to be able to see the world as through the eyes of the Almighty.

It is really not that difficult to do.

First you have to set aside all your preconceptions about what is right or wrong, good or bad, and all the learning you’ve done about how things in the universe work (science) and how people are (psychology).

Then you silence the thoughts in your own head… on all the various levels and sub-levels of your thinking.

And then, you make yourself completely open, willing, vulnerable, accepting, and all that without the slightest hint of judging anything you see or hear, or attempting to “analyze” the data… realizing that nothing has any real value to express or compare to anything else.

Finally, you actively love everything you see. Not the passive attitude that “everything’s okay” but the full-fledged admiration for everything, loving it just the way it is. And most important of this is yourself. Jesus said to love your neighbors as you love yourself and most people forget that loving yourself is the beginning of that process. Until your cup is filled, you can’t pour it out over anyone or anything.

And that’s really all there is to it.

It pretty well sums up what Jesus was talking about and everything we learn about God in the Old Testament… the real God, not that Yahweh character.

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