the Fairer Sex


When I was growing up in the Southern Baptist church, they had an organization called “the Women’s Auxiliary”. It was a group of – you guessed it – women who wanted to do some good for the greater church family even though they could not be officers of the church.

They tried to make some contributions to the greater cause and even got some recognition. Usually at the end of the regular service, the pastor would mention something about what they were doing. Almost as if they were something equivalent to a footnote in the greater service he was doing in the church.

Perhaps the church you frequent treats the role of the women a little differently. This is what I was given as a youth.

It never seemed right to me.

Women deserved better, I thought.

Yet we would hear the scriptures every week about the men doing this and that and the women being around to wipe the men’s feet, or brows, or find other ways to serve their lord and master.

And then there is the famous passages in Genesis where God caused a sleep to fall on Adam so He could remove a rib and create Eve therefrom. And, a few passages later, she causes the fall from Grace by her consorting with a serpent… or some such myth.

Is it any wonder that women get the short end of the scriptural schtick?

The early church had females in important roles but several of the early church fathers took exception to this. Even Paul (Saul of Tarsus) was not completely comfortable with the practice. It seems everyone agreed that women were the secondary afterthought of God and only created to serve man.

Then, of course, there are the rather uncomfortable passages in the texts that talk about one of the rulers of the Holy Land in the days of the Judges was a female. One of the greatest fighters against the Philistines was a woman. Several of the closest confidants to Jesus were women.

Scoffers will, of course, point out that these women were very few and far between because of the preexisting cause of the “fall from Grace” mentioned above.

And yet there is another take on the creation story in Genesis. In the first chapter it says He created them both, seemingly at one time. In chapter two it seems to amplify the story but it is actually telling a different story.

First He had created man and woman in His image, later He created Man in His image and Woman from Man. That is an entirely different take on the story. Almost as if two different stories were being conflated. One having Man and Woman as equals, one having Man being the First, the Dominant, the Forerunner.

And you can see where that latter tale has led us.

In our modern world, many people point out the roles that women are now attaining in government and the seats of power. But these women are very masculine women, having to fight like any male of the species to rise to the top. Those who can display all those wonderful male qualities can get ahead in this “man’s world”.

But surely, that is not what the Creator had envisioned, was it?

Men who rise into seats of power cannot be “soft” or seeming “effeminate” or even “emotional” or they get steamrollered.

Why would the Almighty create two halves of the race and somehow intend that one half should somehow be tainted?

The answer is, He did nothing of the kind. That has been Man’s doing over the centuries, over the millennia. And dressing it up in terms of righteousness to give it some sort of legality.

The Muslim world is just beginning to come out of this pattern but it had gripped the Western World for a very long time… and still the problem lingers.

This is not to say that women should be forced to bondage in the role of domestic partner. If they feel more productive in the business world, by all means go for it. Many men today feel better being a stay at home dad. I just don’t think women should become surrogate men to get ahead in business. I think that is taking the worst of both worlds.

There are attributes of the fairer sex that are supposed to be there for our comfort, our protection, our expansion, our return to Grace.

If Men can think they can climb that tricky slope on the shoulders of the females they deride, I think they’ll have another think coming.

And perhaps a major reason for modern Man denying God Himself is because the female has always been closer to the Deity than Man can ever get.

After all, God can create life.

And among us, only woman can duplicate that.

Jealousy is such an ugly beast.

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