Too Free in His Speech

As one commentator said, “Yes, we have freedom of speech but with that right comes responsibility.”

Surely, the founder of the Duck Dynasty knew this when he made his comments about homosexuals.

A person remarked that he should have realized that by being a high-profile person that his comments would make some waves.

Yes, I am certain the fellow knew about his status and that’s why he was using his position to further his views – very strict Christian views – on the subject. He is doing what many Christians through the centuries have done: used his public platform to further what he considers the “Word of God” even at the risk of public disgrace.

Just like Tom Cruise always pushing for his own religion: Scientology.

It is merely unfortunate for his career that he holds himself to a stricter brand of Christianity than what is considered politically correct at the moment.

Even Joel Osteen and Pope Francis are more progressive than the Duck Dynasty people.

One might wonder if this new, more tolerant form of religion has just not made its way into the bayous yet.

This attitude of loving tolerance made its way out of the backwaters of the Roman Empire some two thousands years ago and I am pretty sure it has made its way into the depths of Louisiana.

Only, in its original form, I believe it was a heck of a lot LESS judgmental.

Someone suggested the Robertson family might think about moving to Russia as Putin has the same attitude toward gays.

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