Me on Faith

When people hear that I a shamanistic/gnostic, they usually respond “Is that something like atheism?”

I am not sure if the term “shamanistic/gnostic” is even correct but I mean it as one who believes in the spiritual aspect of man and this world, and believes that the Almighty (by whatever name) can be understood through logical discourse.

Faith is fundamental to religion and most people do not consider it something that can be grasped by logic. I beg to differ, and believe everyone uses their own form of logic to create what they call their “faith”. It cannot be explained logically to others because – as in with all things dealing with the Divine – it is a very personal thing.

I have had many lengthy conversations with the Almighty, but then so has everyone. Most people may not see it as such. To them, they are only looking at the clouds, observing a stream, or examining a leaf; to me it is a conversation: me asking some question and the Almighty responding – it is up to me to receive the response.

We all have these conversations whether we realize it or not.

[Author of the forthcoming Conversations with the Almighty (due spring 2013) which will be available in digital and print formats, at Amazon and Barnes & Noble among others.]

You can stay abreast of forthcoming titles at Martian Publishing’s website or facebook page.


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