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a Growing Concern

October 24, 2016

In the past, I have mentioned listening to WTGS radio both online as well as when I’m driving.

A few years ago, the general manager of the station – who had been at the position for nearly twenty years – passed on and a new fellow came on board.

Since then, many of the favorite songs and artists I had enjoyed listening to simply vanished and another group of artists predominated the broadcast day.

Change is fine and I do not advocate playing the same music ’til the end of time but even as new songs were released before, they had been worked into the play library. The oldies were played less often but they did not simply vanish from the airwaves as these seem to have.

Nowadays, I find myself listening to them less and less as their playlist has become focused on several artists and groups that play what could be called militaristic Christian fare.

It sounds more appropriate to a Joshua’s Army rally than a contemporary Christian station.

But maybe that’s just me.

I cannot think what might be the purpose of so many songs glorifying war in God’s name rather than exemplifying the Prince of Peace.

Some conspiracy theory friends have some ideas about that, however.