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DOMA and Done

June 27, 2013


Now that the Supreme Court has rejected DOMA and the California Proposition, many people are coming out screaming “foul!”

One Senator from Missouri said the Supreme Court is going against the will of the majority. And she claimed it sets a very bad precedent.

It is always sad when our elected officials show such obvious ignorance of what America is supposed to be about.

Certainly the rule of the majority is the law of the land but only after the other boxes have been checked off. Legalizing discrimination, as Bill Clinton put it, is a very bad precedent and flies in the face of “liberty and justice for all”.

The very religious sector of our country appears to think that somewhere in their scripture they are commanded by Jesus to “go out and tell everyone else how to live” rather than worry about their own relationship with the Almighty.

Legislation of this stripe is what sets a bad example.

If this type of “majority rules” discrimination were allowed to run rampant, we would soon outlaw left-handed people, blondes, people who like cookie-dough ice cream, blacks, Native Americans, Hispanics, Jews, Neo-Nazis, gun owners, Catholics, and any other various groups trying to practice living a free life pursuing happiness as they see fit.

And there has already been legislation on each of those things at some point.

Discrimination should not be legislated.


No matter what percentage of the population wants it.

Perhaps they should find another country which allows such atrocities and move there.