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a Note on Justifying Hate

February 28, 2019

Before the American Civil War, many people were of the opinion that blacks could not be educated, they had no soul, and therefore could not be saved.

And they backed up their opinions from scripture, thus proving their case.

During the same time period, as well as far afterward, the same was said about the Native Americans, again it was backed up by scripture.

Today, it is the gays who are being attacked with, you guessed it, scripture.

You can use any document, scripture, or mythology you want to back up, justify, or defend your bigotry and yet it will remain, as in the past, nothing but misinformed bigotry.

Perhaps it makes you feel better, vindicated, or superior to claim that it is what your Savior or your God believes but the evidence is overwhelmingly against you.

Small-minded people can never envision the diverse beauty of His Creation.

They would much rather be “right”.

Sex and Scripture

November 1, 2012

There has been a lot of talk lately – it being an election year and all – about a favorite topic for most people: sex. And the people doing most of this sexy talking are Christians.

The concern is not so much about their own activities in the area but about the activities of others. It seems they are obsessed with other people taking their own lead in this regard.

The Christian group called “the Children of God” went a little overboard on the subject in the late twentieth century and even began using sex as a tool to “convert” others to their belief system. The group’s leader, “Moses” Beck, even found a multitude of scriptures to back up all this sexual activity and give it the Apostolic Stamp of Approval. The only thing he seems to have overlooked was the prohibitions against fornication and the commandment against adultery. And so, naturally, his interpretation of scripture went a little wide of the norm.

But most Christian sects do not have that same attitude on the subject. Rather than more (and more!) sex, they lean more toward the less end of the scale, and it should only be a part of marriage.

And marriage should be, as they proclaim from the scriptures: between one man and one woman. Period.

The funny thing about interpreting scripture is that the Religious Right points out the verses that back up their stand while the Christian Left points out their support of same-sex marriages. Yes, and even abortion.

Yes, it would seem that the Holy Bible is indeed the book with ALL the answers… even if they tend to contradict each other in usage.

I will not get into the verses used by all these various groups to support their views on sex and its applications, but I would like to point out the error in the idea that the scriptures have marriage being only between one man and one woman.

Abraham was married to Sarah and though he apparently was not fond of the idea, at his wife’s prodding he took Hagar as concubine (which is kind of like a second wife). His grandson Jacob had two wives, as well as two concubines, and had children by all four. King David had fourteen wives and his son Solomon – by some accounts – had a thousand.

So exactly where is it scripturally correct that marriage was only between one man and one woman. Either these people are reading a version of the Bible I am not familiar with or – as the usual – they pick only those parts of scripture that support their lone theory.