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a Note on Justifying Hate

February 28, 2019

Before the American Civil War, many people were of the opinion that blacks could not be educated, they had no soul, and therefore could not be saved.

And they backed up their opinions from scripture, thus proving their case.

During the same time period, as well as far afterward, the same was said about the Native Americans, again it was backed up by scripture.

Today, it is the gays who are being attacked with, you guessed it, scripture.

You can use any document, scripture, or mythology you want to back up, justify, or defend your bigotry and yet it will remain, as in the past, nothing but misinformed bigotry.

Perhaps it makes you feel better, vindicated, or superior to claim that it is what your Savior or your God believes but the evidence is overwhelmingly against you.

Small-minded people can never envision the diverse beauty of His Creation.

They would much rather be “right”.